Vitamin D Has Many Benefits

Vitamin D Is My Hero

According to Life Extension, Vitamin D is a hormone not a Vitamin. Whatever you want to call it, most of us are deficient in it and thats a shame. Ask your Dr. to have your Vitamin D level checked. I wish I had years ago. Why?

I used to sweat on the top of my head all the time, and it drove me nuts. I learned years later that “head sweating” is one of the many symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency. Also, at that time I started noticing the hair on top of my head began thinning. Was that another sign? Yes. Fast forward: when I finally got my Vitamin D level checked several years later I was severely deficient. Severely.

So, what is an optimal level? After a very long time, I am now at a level of 57. I routinely have my Vitamin D level checked – because in the winter (without the sun exposure) it may drop and in the summer (with the sun exposure) it may rise. I’m happy with my level being at 57 and I do not want it any lower than that. But that is just me and my personal comfort level.

Oh, possibly a coincidence? Western NY is known for blustery winters, right? For years, every winter I would get bronchitis and/or pneumonia. Since supplementing with Vitamin D3, I haven’t had as much as a cold in several years. Vitamin D3 is my hero. I do think it played a major role in thwarting off my seasonal respiratory issues along with a few other things I’ll get to in other posts.

Anyway, read and become knowledgeable on what the experts recommend because you do NOT want the level to get too high and become toxic. Again, after you learn more about it, do talk to your Dr. As with any life style change, its important to discuss things with your Dr. I can’t stress that enough.

Also, I found this chart to be quite helpful. Hopefully you will too:vitamin-d3-chart copy.jpg

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  1. I found out that I was severely deficient in vitamin D earlier this year, as I was getting symptoms like stiff and sore knuckles. I was put on an intensive vitamin D course and I now eat foods high in vitamin D as well as taking supplements- I feel so much better now it’s amazing!


  2. Hi Sam. I probably should update the post since I forgot to include something I read quite a while back. In order for a person to “maintain” their current level of Vitamin D, they should take 5000 per day. I’ll have to re-find the info and post it since most people may not know that it takes 5000 to maintain what ever their current level is!


    1. Hi Howarya. I have to have bloods fairly regularly to check my levels now, especially as I had symptoms that affected my everyday life. It is hard to know whether you’re getting enough on a daily basis though as there’s no easy way to check your levels! However, I just maintain a healthy diet with vitamin D-high foods such as oily fish, mushrooms, and fortified products such as cereals and dairy products. I also try and get out in what little sunshine there is in Liverpool, UK! I feel far better now though- would love to see more blogs about it though! 🙂


      1. Sam: Wouldn’t is be nice if they would just allow an at home strip test for it. Unlikely, but it sure would help so many people. Better yet, educate the masses on Vitamin D benefits. Now there’s a thought! Lol


  3. Yes! That would be ideal! Also another great thought- since I have really focused on upping my vitamin D levels, I feel healthier, my hands no longer ache as much, and my immune system is much improved! I look healthier, I have more energy, and I managed to shake off an awful cold in less than 2 days! I believe that my focus on vitamin D has been a major contributing factor to all the improvements I’ve seen in myself.


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