Tart Cherry For Gout, Inflammation, Arthritis, Stoke, Weight Loss

Tart Cherry Hates Inflammation

Tart Cherry Extract (or Tart Cherry juice) isn’t just for gout prevention anymore.

Tart Cherry may also relieve arthritis pain,  ease inflammation and muscle pain, and due to the antioxidants found in tart cherries …may even turn off genes relating to the growth of cancer cells. Lot’s of great reads regarding the many benefits of tart cherries. I particularly love reading the study results that Life Extension provides their readers.

Interesting reads:

Life Extension: Tart Cherry & Inflammation, CardioVascular Disease Prevention, Optimal Metabolic Support…

Dr. Mercola: Tart Cherry Reduces Belly Fat, Cintains Melatonin For Healthier Sleep, And Lowers The Risk Of Stroke…

Dr. Axe: Tart Cherries Promote Weight Loss, Are Heart Heathy, Help With Osteoarthritis, Help You Sleep…

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