You wake up and boom, your nose is burning and you’re stuffed up to beat the band. Ugh. You’re not sure if it’s a cold, the flu or bronchitis, but you know you’re getting sick…

Goldenseal to the rescue. Goldenseal IMHO is a miracle in a bottle.

Just one teeny tiny dropper in 2 ounces of water …and gulp it down. I warn you though, it tastes really bad so drink it quick like ..chug it! I usually only have to take it a few times a day for two days. Three days though if I’m like ready to die sick. lol

Of course maybe Goldenseal isn’t for everyone, (depending on what existing meds a person might be on), but for me… well, I call this stuff Liquid Gold.

HerbPharm Goldenseal is my favorite brand and I would never not have it in the medicine cabinet. Actually, I think I have a medicine cabinet full of HerbPharm products -and no they do not pay me to say that. I’ll tell you about some other wonderful HerbPharm products that grace my medicine cabinet in a future post. However, I thought it only right to start with the big guy: Goldenseal.

Interesting Reads:

DR. MERCOLA: Goldenseal & Sinus, Liver, Skin, Gastro, etc..

DR. AXE: Goldenseal A Natural Antibiotic And Cancer Fighter…

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