d-mannose cures urinary tract infection


Urinary Tract Infections are not fun. I can always tell when I’m getting one: lower back pain, frequent urination, cloudy urine, fever, chills, and maybe even a little nausea. Back in the day, a UTI for me usually required a trip to the GYN for an antibiotic. Those days (at least for me) are gone. Hopefully forever…

I’m not saying this solution will work for you at all. I’m just sharing what works absolute wonders for me. I’m going to link to a few great articles at the bottom of this post and sure enough, D-Mannose is a recommended treatment, too.

D-Mannose works like a charm the minute I suspect a UTI is starting. I buy the 500mg powder by NOW. I found this suggestion online and it worked perfectly for me:

  • Take 1 heaping teaspoon with no more than 4 ounces of water.
  • Let that settle in your system for 45 minutes to an hour before drinking any more. 
  • After that time has passed, start guzzling water. Lots of water. Possibly 32-40 ounces as quickly as you can (within an hour for sure). That’s very important, and here’s why:

“The teaspoon with only a little water allows the D-Mannose to really settle into your system without too much other water in your bladder. The D-Mannose adheres to the bacteria in your bladder/urinary tract & keeps them from sticking to your bladder wall. Then once the bacteria is “grabbed” by the D-Mannose, start drinking  water like crazy – and begin emptying your bladder & ridding your body of all the junk”

Boom, in my case, UTI symptoms lesson after a few doses of D-Mannose, and are usually gone within a couple days of taking it 2-3 times per day.

I’m happy to share what worked for me regarding my experiences with Urinary Tract Infections. Be sure to read what some of my favorite websites say regarding UTI’s:

Interesting Reads:

DR. MERCOLA: Natural Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

LIFE EXTENSION: A Great Article Explaining Everything You Could Ever Want To Know Regarding Urinary Tract Infections

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